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Improvement Following Chiropractic Care in an 11-year-old Male with Traumatic Brain Injury: Case Report & Review of Literature

Megan Karls DC, Kory Pugh DC, Stephen Wooten DC, ICCSP, CCSP, Rod Floyd DC & Joel Alcantara DC

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic ~ Volume 2016 ~ Issue 4 ~ Pages 99-103 




Objective: To describe the chiropractic care of a child with difficulties in upper and lower extremity motor control.

Clinical Features: An 11-yr-old male presented for chiropractic care with a history of traumatic brain injury (TBI) as a result of a motor vehicle collision 5 years prior. The patient lacked proper motor control and use of his left hand and lacked balance and co-ordination of the lower extremities. The patient had difficulties with speech and was unable to find balance on a global wobble board and took 5 minutes to find balance on a uniplanar wobble board and held it for 5 seconds.

Intervention and Outcome: The patient received chiropractic adjustments characterized as high velocity, low amplitude (HVLA) thrust type known as Diversified and Thompson Technique. In addition to adjustments, neuromuscular re-education was utilized to provide increased coordination for left upper extremities and proprioception for lower extremities. The patient received care over a period of 8 months consisting of 28 visits. As a result of the care he received, the patient demonstrated improved coordination, is able to balance on the global wobble board, is better able to enunciate words and has an improved quality of life. 

Conclusion: This case report provides supporting evidence on the effectiveness of chiropractic care in children with traumatic brain injury.

Key words: Traumatic brain injury, subluxation, spinal adjustment, chiropractic, balance, speech

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