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Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ Volume 2 ~ Number 3

About the Cover:   The pre versus post intervention radiographs presented on the cover exemplify the rapidity with which the body can restore the spinal curve. The first x-ray was taken three weeks prior to the second. These two radiographs derive from the Evans and Collins study in this issue of JVSR. Although the objective of that case study was to evaluate tissue compliance, not restore the cervical curve; it is, however, evident that the methods employed resulted in just such a change. Since a number of chiropractic techniques anecdotally report restoration of the spinal curve, it is plausible that one effect of the chiropractic adjustment may be to restore sufficient tissue compliance (eliminate joint fixation), as in the Evans, Collins study, to enable the body to effectively realign the spine to optimal curvature. While it is yet to be determined as to whether restoration of the spinal curve is an essential component of vertebral subluxation correction, it is important to present insight as to the conditions under which such structural changes occur, irrespective of the clinical objective of the practitioner.

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