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Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ Volume 3 ~ Number 2


About the Cover:  The two radiographs presented on the cover demonstrate the wide range of bony misalignment that can occur between the occipital condyles and the atlas vertebra (atlanto-occipital joint). The view on the left reveals an atlas vertebra that has moved anterior and superior with its lateral mass moving to the left of the condyle. The right view reveals an atlas that has moved posterior and inferior, with its lateral mass left of the condyle. These movements are further elaborated in the present issue of JVSR in a descriptive article by Graham Dobson, D.C.

JVSR wishes to thank Dr. Daniel Kuhn for the radiographs. Dr. Kuhn is an upper cervical practitioner in Huntington Beach, California. The anterior condylar views were taken anterior to posterior with the patient turned 55 degrees. The radiographs were taken to view the condyle relative to the lateral mass of the atlas vertebral. The radiographs, viewed through the maxillary sinus, showed substantial anterior and posterior movement relative to the condylar margin. Moreover, the anterior movement was accompanied by movement to the superior and to the left of the condyle. Alternatively, the posterior movement of the atlas relative to the anterior condylar margin was inferior and to the left of the condyle. The respective listings were AS@L and PI@L.

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