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Chiropractic Antecedents of Holistic Health

Edward Brown, DC, DABCI


Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ Volume 4 ~ Number 4 ~ Pages 119-122


The word holistic is a relatively recent addition to our vocabulary and was not in common use during D.D. Palmer’s life. However, the premise of this article is that D.D. Palmer was an early proponent of holistic health care, even though he did not use that word. The chiropractic profession has attracted many strong willed individuals who are fond of arguing about what is ‘true’ chiropractic. A secondary aim of this article is to suggest that our profession would be better served by returning to the words of the founder of our profession, rather than quoting his son, B.J. Palmer.


Key Words: Holistic, holism, chiropractic, health, wellness

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