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Causation Related to Self-organization and Health Related Quality of Life Expression based on the Vertebral Subluxation Model, the Philosophy of Chiropractic, and the New Biology

Simon A. Senzon, M.A., D.C.


Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ Volume 3 ~ Number 3 ~ Pages 1-9



The philosophy of chiropractic, which dates to the first half of this century, is about the self-organizing/self-healing ability of the body and the importance of the nerve (nervous) system in coordinating this process. The vertebral subluxation model reflects this understanding. Recent theories in biology, which have their roots in the organismic biologists of the thirties, also support this concept. Chiropractic’s biological explanation of the healthy living organism is shown to be supported by modern theoretical biology. The philosophy of chiropractic has traditionally posited a spiritual quality to this definition of life, which relates more to quality of life expression than a strict scientific explanation. In order to re-integrate this essential characteristic with the biological explanation, it is necessary to use concepts from systems theory and philosophy. Thus, the primary thesis of this paper is that somato/biology is expressed primarily through self-organization, while the psycho/spiritual is expressed through self-healing. Using techniques of modern integral philosophy, this thesis is used to link chiropractic philosophy to modern (new) biological concepts, and current paradigms associated with understanding health. The Health Continuum Model is proposed as the process through which this is accomplished. 

Key Words:   Autopoiesis, chiropractic hypothesis, health related quality of life, health continuum model, vertebral subluxation.

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