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Breech Repositioning Unresponsive to Webster Technique: Further Clarification on the Clinical Intent and Effectiveness of the Technique


Joel Alcantara, DC Bio & Jeanne Ohm, DC Bio


Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic ~ Volume 2014 ~ Issue 1 ~ Pages 1-2 




The following Letter to the Editor was originally submitted by Alcantara & Ohm to the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine (JCM) in order to correct errors made by the author of the following paper:


Roecker CB. Breech repositioning unresponsive to Webster technique: coexistence of oligohydramnios. Journal of Chiropractic Medicine 2013;12:74-78.


The author’s errors were also not caught by the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine’s peer review or editorial process. Considering the seriousness of the clinical and legal issues involved, Alcantara & Ohm, who are recognized experts in Webster’s Technique, wrote a Letter to the Editor of JCM – Claire Johnson – in an effort to correct the errors in the published paper.    


Dr. Johnson refused to publish their letter.


In the interest of scientific interest and integrity we have agreed to publish Alcantara & Ohm’s Letter to the Editor.

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