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Breastfeeding Difficulty Resolved Following Subluxation Based Chiropractic Care & Cranial Work


Linda Slak, DC, CACCP, CABCDD Bio & Katherine A. Wilson, DC


Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic ~ Volume 2013 ~ Issue 1 ~ Pages 7-10



Objective: To present a case of an infant experiencing difficulty with breastfeeding who underwent subluxation based chiropractic care.
Clinical Features: 
An 8 week old female unable to suck properly and had difficulty nursing was evaluated in a chiropractic office.  The patient was described as distressed.  Rooting and Babinski reflexes were present.  Her legs were splayed as a result of hip dysplasia which was diagnosed by a medical doctor at birth.  She presented with a left head tilt and subluxations were identified at Occiput, Atlas, Sacrum and the cranium.  Cranial bones were evaluated utilizing the Turner Cranial Technique.
The infant received spinal and cranial adjustments using sustained contact, Logan Basic and cranial therapy utilizing the Turner Cranial Technique. After the third adjustment the patient latched on and breastfed for 20 minutes without any difficulty and she continued to breastfeed normally thereafter.
This case describes the management of a new born with breastfeeding difficulties which resolved following the introduction of chiropractic and cranial work. More research is needed to explore this common problem in childhood. 
Key Words: 
Breastfeeding, chiropractic, birth trauma, vertebral subluxation, children, infant, cranial subluxation

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