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An Integral Approach to Unifying The Philosophy of Chiropractic: B.J. Palmer’s Model of Consciousness

Simon A. Senzon, M.A., D.C.


Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ Volume 4 ~ Number 1 ~ Pages 1-8


The chiropractic profession is fractured into many philosophical camps.The essence of this fracturing is a disassociation between science, psycho-spiritual growth, and philosophy. One solution that could unify the profession is to integrate the camps around a philosophical consensus within the profession. Such a consensus does loosely exist: the concept that the living organism is self-healing and self-organizing.  While the philosophy of chiropractic as proposed by Daniel David (D.D.) Palmer (1910) and developed by his son Joshua Bartlett (B.J.) Palmer (1949) has fallen into disrepute in the profession, this kernel of the self-healing ability of the organism remains. In this paper a model is proposed based on the writings of B.J. Palmer and explained using the analytical tools of integration developed by Wilber (1995). This proposed model is meant to provide a context in which to understand and decipher the confusing definitions associated with the Palmers’ term, innate intelligence. The concept of innate intelligence served to define the self-organizing aspects of the organism as well as the psycho-spiritual aspects related to life and healing. Each philosophical camp within the profession can orient itself in relation to Palmer’s model. By doing so, the possibility exists for the profession to grow stronger through dialogue and understanding. Out of that strength, new dialogues with other health and science disciplines could open.

Editorial Comments on the Senzon Paper 
[October 2000, Vol. 4 No. 1]
Dr. Matthew McCoy, Editor – JVSR
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