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A Study Regarding Measures of General Health Status in Patients Using the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique: A Follow Up Study

Robert HI. Blanks, Ph.D. and Marnie Dobson M.A. 

Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ Volume 3 ~ Number 2 ~ Pages 1-8



The present study was conducted to investigate the health benefits of Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST) in a large patient sample. Participants were attendees at one of ten consecutive, four day, in-residence health programs (Health Weeks) held between July, 1997 and July, 1998.The Health Week program consisted of a comprehensive four day program of intensive BEST care which has been linked to restoring autonomic nervous system balance, as well as reduction of subluxation. The technique also includes lifestyle and nutritional education. Patients were assessed with the RAND-36 health survey and the Global Well-Being Scale (GWBS) just prior to Health Week, at the end of Health Week, and then eight weeks following the program. Following a structured clinical interview, assessment forms were administered by staff at the beginning or end of the four day event. The eight-week follow-up questionnaires were mailed to all study participants. Results indicate significant (p < 0.006) improvement in six of the eight sub-scales of the RAND-36 health survey among the 205 participants completing both the pre and post Health Week assessments.  Significant improvement was also reported in the GWBS (p < 0.006).A total of 116 (57% response rate) patients completed the assessments eight weeks following the Health Week program.  These patients continued to show improvement in the RAND-36 scores through the eight-week follow-up. The GWBS was higher than the pre Health Week, but lower than post Health Week.  These follow-up data demonstrate long term benefits derived during the Health Week program, and confirm a previous pilot study involving Health Week attendees. Further investigation relative to sociodemographic factors, which may influence the health and wellness outcomes associated with this form of care will be evaluated in future studies.


Key Words: Bio Energetic Synchronization technique, vertebral subluxation, health and wellness, RAND-36 health survey, global well-being scale.

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