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Resolution of Chronic Back, Leg and Ankle Pain Following Chiropractic Intervention and the Use of Orthotics

Robert Mattson, DC

Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ March 20, 2008 ~ Pages 1-4



Objective: To describe the outcome of chiropractic care and the use of orthotics in a patient with subluxation, chronic back and left lower extremity pain.


Clinical Features: A 26 year old male with chronic back pain and constant left lower extremity pain of nine years. Patient reports standing at work for more than two hours and sitting in one position for extended periods of time is difficult due to leg pain. Leg pain was bilateral for the first three years, until the patient broke his right ankle. Right ankle injury formed a medial arch of the right foot and the right leg pain subsided.


Intervention and Outcome: Contact-specific, high velocity, low amplitude adjustments (ie, Full Spine Technique with Pelvic Drop) were applied to areas of vertebral subluxation. Patient was casted for Foot Leveler© orthotics to compensate for loss of left medial longitudinal arch and left foot pronation. The patient reported a significant decrease in back pain after chiropractic adjustments, which was objectively measured using a Revised Oswestry Disability Index (RODI) and the Quadruple Visual Analogue Scale (QVAS). Patient reports total resolution of lower extremity pain only two days after wearing custom orthotics.


Conclusion: The resolution of symptoms in a patient with chronic back, leg and ankle pain after chiropractic intervention is presented. Chiropractic intervention to reduce subluxation and the use of orthotics resolved back and leg pain, which allows the patient to perform activities of daily living with minimal to no pain.


Key Words: Orthotics, foot pronation, foot and ankle, back pain, vertebral subluxation

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