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Proceedings of the 2009 International Research and Philosophy Symposium. Sherman College of Chiropractic. October 17-18, 2009

John Hart DC, Terry VanDervort, D.C., ACP, Jack VanDervort, D.C., DPhCS, Matthew McCoy DC, MPH,  Curtis Fedorchuk, D.C., Ismay Campbell, D.C., Pamela Stone-McCoy, D.C., Robert Blanks, Ph.D., Patrick L. VanQuaethem, D.C., DACS, LCP, DPhCS, Christie Kwon MS, Robert Sinnott, D.C., LCP, DPhCS, Hamed Kian MS, D.C., Brigette Bowler, D.C., Eric Russell DC DPhCS, Gary DiBenedetto, D.C., William Decken DC, Jerry Kasser Ph.D 

Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ November 30, 2009 ~ Pages 1-33





The Ideal Case: The Future of Chiropractic 
Terry J. Van Dervort, DC, ACP


Intra-examiner and Inter-examiner Reproducibility of Paraspinal Thermography
Matthew McCoy, D.C., MPH; Ismay Campbell, B.S., D.C.; Pamela Stone, B.S., D.C., F.I.C.P.A.; Curtis Fedorchuk, D.C. Sameera Wijayawardana, B.S., Kirk Easley, M.S.


Clinical Outcome in a Case of Fibromyalgia Through Utilization of Chiropractic Care, Specifically Clinical Biomechanics of Posture: A Retrospective Case Study.
Curtis Fedorchuk D.C


Teaching and evaluating professionalism: A dynamic model rooted in the science, art and philosophy of the discipline.
Robert Blanks, PhD


A Comparison of Two Methods of Analysis for the Presence of the Neurological Component: A Case Report
John Hart, D.C., ACP


A Retrospective, Longitudinal Outcomes Study of Pregnant Women Undergoing Subluxation Based Chiropractic Care
Matthew McCoy, DC, MPH Pamela Stone, BS, DC, FICPA Christie Kwon, MS


Constructive Forces & Destructive Forces The Evolution/Decline of Vertebral Subluxation Correction in Chiropractic.
Jack VanDervort DC, DPhCS


The Application of Chiropractic Philosophy to a Post-diagnostic Model for Consideration in Clinical Adaptation, Education & Research
Rob Sinnott, DC, LCP, DPhCS


Do Decreased Health Scores Correlate to High Surface Electromyography Readings of the Spine
Curtis Fedorchuk, D.C., Tara Duer


Innate Intelligence and the Vertebral Subluxation Complex; the Sixth Component
Patrick VanQuaethem, DC, DACS, LCP, DPhCS


Chiropractic and the Philosophy of Science
Jeff Kasser, PhD


Mental Impulse and Nerve Impulse
John Hart, D.C., ACP


Consideration of Altering the Position on the Theoretical Afferent Nerve of Chiropractic Philosophy to the Afferent Nerve of Interoceptive Function.
Rob Sinnott, DC, LCP, DPhCS


A Model for Reframing Chiropractic Care
Brigette Bowler DC


Chiropractic Care of Pediatric Patients: A Comprehensive Review of All Empirical Literature
Hamed Kian, BS, MS, DC and Matthew McCoy, BS, DC, MPH


Karl and Thomas’ Excellent Adventure: The Philosophy of Science and its implications for the Chiropractic Profession.
Eric G. Russell, DC, DPhCS


Physical Changes of the Eye due to Pysiological Adaptations associated with Upper Cervical Subluxations
Gary DiBenedetto, DC, DACAN, LCP, DPhCS


The Use of Objective Measures of the Biomechanical and Neurological Components of Vertebral Subluxation to Develop a Composite Measure of Spinal Health
Matthew McCoy DC, MPH1


A Chiropractic Ethic
William M. Decken, DC, LCP

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