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Phillip Ebrall BAppSc, James Chestnut B.Ed, M.Sc, D.C.,  Matthew McCoy BS, DC 

Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ May 12, 2008 ~ Pages 1-3




To the Editor:


RE: Chestnut J. Designing, Conducting & Publishing Research Within the Chiropractic Wellness Paradigm – Parts 1 & 2. J Vert Sublux Res February 6, 2008;1-3.

I note with interest your brave decision to run a very lengthy response from James Chestnut in reply to a seven paragraph letter from Dana Lawrence…


In Response: Ebrall states that my claim that chiropractic poses different research questions and has different clinical outcome goals than allopathy is an absurd attempt to demonstrate chiropractic research is driven by some different paradigm. Ebrall clearly grasps neither the concept of paradigm nor the premises of my argument…


In Response: I have to admit that I was not going to add my “two cents” to Dr. Ebrall’s letter even though he seems to have deliberately thrown me into the briar patch. I am more intrigued about his apparent hostility…

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