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Improvement in paraspinal muscle tone, autonomic function and quality of life in four children with cerebral palsy undergoing subluxation based chiropractic care: Four retrospective case studies and review of the literature


Matthew McCoy B.S., DC; Ekaterina Malakhova M.D., D.C.; Yuri Safronov M.D.; Christopher Kent D.C., J.D.; Peter Scire D.C.


Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ June 21, 2006 ~ Pages 1-15


Objective: To review the literature and present results experienced by four children with cerebral palsy who underwent chiropractic care to reduce vertebral subluxation.


Clinical Features:Four children previously diagnosed with cerebral palsy secondary to birth trauma. All four demonstrated objective evidence of vertebral subluxation.


Intervention and Outcomes: Chiropractic care directed at reduction of subluxation was undertaken. Paraspinal surface electromyography and thermography readings were taken prior to the initiation of care and approximately one month (12 visits) later. The mothers and care providers in each case monitored changes in activities of daily living and quality of life. All four children showed improvement in paraspinal muscle tone (improved symmetry and decreased amplitude) as well as a decrease in the number of levels of abnormal thermography readings. All four children showed improvement in activities of daily living including mobility, feeding, and postural control.


Conclusion: Improvement in muscle tone and autonomic function coupled with improvement in activities of daily living occurred in these four patients undergoing chiropractic care for reduction of vertebral subluxation. It is suggested that larger studies of this nature be carried out.


Key words: Chiropractic, Cerebral Palsy, Vertebral Subluxation, Dysponesis, Dysautonomia, Quality of Life, Surface Electromyography, Thermography

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