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Effect of Subluxation-Based Chiropractic Care on Quality of Life in a Patient With Major Depression 

Alain M.J. Desaulniers DC 

Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ April 23, 2008 ~ Pages 1-7



Objective: This report documents the chiropractic care of a 46-year-old man presenting with major depression, receiving specific chiropractic adjustments and suggests a relationship between subluxation correction and increases in quality of life and well-being.


Clinical Features: A 46-year-old male presented with major depression. He was suffering from his third bout of depression at the time of his first visit. He presented with many symptoms related to his depression, such as generalized bilateral neck and low back pain, anxiety, fatigue, and a small appetite. He presented with many symptoms associated with effects from his medication, including a decrease in sex drive, dizziness, overall muscle weakness, and insomnia. Initial chiropractic exam, including prone and supine leg length inequality, static and motion palpation, static surface electromyography, thermography and x-ray analysis, revealed vertebral subluxations.


Intervention and Outcome: The man received specific chiropractic adjustments for the correction of vertebral subluxations using Diversified Full Spine (contact specific, high velocity, low amplitude) and Palmer Toggle Recoil (contact specific, high velocity, low amplitude with recoil thrusts of the C1 vertebra) techniques. During the course of care, there was a significant increase in self-assessed quality of life and wellness indicators, including Global Wellness scale, Daily Living Health Questionnaire (SF36), and a retrospective Health, Wellness and Overall Quality of Life Self Assessment questionnaire.


Conclusion: The progress that has been documented with this man suggests a connection between the correction of vertebral subluxations and increased wellness and quality of life.


Key Words: Vertebral Subluxation, Chiropractic, Wellness, Self-reported quality of life, Depression

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