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Mark R. Filippi, D.C.

Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ June 12, 2005 ~ Pages 1-5



Outside every chiropractor’s office are the sidewalks of the community. Within the chiropractor there’s a similar landscape built from years of interaction between culture and self-inquiry. Unlike other professions, chiropractic positioned itself to be in partnership with the common “ground” the doctor and patient shared – earth. But like many professions, chiropractic failed to carry that intention onto the sidewalks. Instead, our patients walk in and out of our offices with their version of the story, whose theme runs antithetical to the vitalistic one we were once given. Now it’s almost time to look at the whole thing retrospectively. Chiropractic, as a profession, is endangered. Its practitioners are soon to become clinically extinct. This is not a drill. It got here by design. There is not now and never was a subluxation-based community in chiropractic. There was never a reason for one to really exist. But the perception of one did. And the need for the perception of one is what is keeping you reading this article, in this journal, right this very second. Now what?

Key Words: chiropractic, subluxation, politics, culture

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