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Cristina Esposito, BS, DC

Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ February 25, 2008 ~ Pages 1-4



Objective: The chiropractic care of an adolescent patient previously diagnosed with rumination is described.

Clinical Features: A 14-year-old female reported with a chief complaint of right anteromedial knee pain, habitual self manipulation of her back and habitual, excessive regurgitation. After suffering with rumination for 10 years, the patient reported marked reduction in frequency of regurgitation only after 6 adjustments and a total elimination of all symptoms after 11 adjustments.

Intervention and Outcome: High velocity, low amplitude chiropractic adjustments with contact specificity (i.e. Gonstead technique) were applied to the areas of subluxation that were detected using instrumentation, visualization, static spinal palpation, motion palpation and x-ray analysis (i.e. Gonstead analysis). The patient reported a total elimination of the symptoms of rumination, specifically chronic, habitual regurgitation.

Conclusion: Chiropractic care of a 14-year-old girl suffering with the symptoms of rumination was presented. The total elimination of symptoms was obtained after only 11 chiropractic adjustments, concomitant with a reduction in subluxation findings at multiple levels. Chiropractic care for such a patient deserves a considerable amount of attention. This is the first case study in the indexed literature addressing the effects of chiropractic care on the symptoms of rumination.

Key Words: chiropractic, rumination, regurgitation, vertebral subluxation, Gonstead technique.

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