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Chiropractic Care and Changes in Physical State and Self-Perceptions in Domains of Health among Public Safety Personnel: A Longitudinal Follow up Study

Wesley McAllister, B.A., D.C.; WR Boone, Ph.D., DC; Kevin Power, D.C.; John Hart, DC., M.H Sc.; Teng Xiong, Ph.D; Michael Westbrook, D.C. 

Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ May 15, 2009 ~ Pages 1-11




Objective: Conduct a follow-up study to a published pilot study


Introduction: A pilot study was published in 2007 regarding chiropractic care and its impact on public safety personnel. The pilot study assessed changes in participants’ self perceptions of five health related quality of life domains and combined wellness of the five domains (HRQL). As well, from baseline throughout the duration of care, chiropractic assessments of physical/neurological changes were recorded. Based on the results, a follow up study was undertaken.


Methods: The study was conducted with public safety personnel representing police, firefighters, 911 operators, and others associated with public safety. The study commenced in mid February, 2008 and was completed in February, 2009. Participants were assessed at baseline, after 8 visits, then 16 visits.


Results: Sixty-two participants were enrolled. Thirty-two completed 5.3 + 0.84 months of continuous care (52% retention rate). Twenty-two of thirty-two participants (69%) reported statistically significant improvements in self perceptions in health related quality of life domains (HRQL). Ten of the participants (31%), reported negative or no change. All thirty-two of the participants showed significant improvements in physical/neurological chiropractic assessment findings.


Conclusion: Participants benefited promptly in regard to improvements in physical/neurological findings, but differed in regard to self perceptions of HRQL. Continued study of similar populations under diverse settings will be required. It is recommended that structural equation models be developed to further assess the relationships between variables that affect HRQL, self perceptions, and improvement in physical state through chiropractic care.


Key Words: Public safety, self perception, physical state, chiropractic, public safety personnel.

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