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Abstracts of Invited Papers Presented at the 2007 International Research and Philosophy Symposium

John Hart Bio, DC, MHS; Reed Phillips Bio, DC, Ph.D.; Simon Senzon Bio, MA, DC.; Michael T. Burcon Bio, B.Ph., DC; Brian Flannery Bio, DC, LCP, DPhCS.; Hazel Faulkner Bio, DC, MSc.; Karen Hayhurst Bio, ACP, R.M.; Farrel Grossman Bio, DC.; Joe Strauss Bio, DC.; Kelly Holt Bio, DC.; Ralph Boone Bio, PhD, DC.; Jack Vandervort Bio, DC, DPhCS.; Douglas Inkol Bio, DC.; Layfayette Briggs Bio, DC, MT, ASCP.; Christopher Kent Bio, DC, JD.; Brett Casanova Bio, BS, DC, LCP.; John J. Collins Bio, DC. 

Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ January 22, 2008 ~ Pages 1-33





Assessment for Mental Impulse – JOHN HART, D.C., MHS


A New Horizon for Chiropractic Education and Practice Evidence Based Care Made Friendly and Useful – REED PHILLIPS, D.C., Ph.D.


The Two Sided Mental Impulse – SIMON A. SENZON, M.A., D.C.


Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic Techniques Versus Full Spine Chiropractic Techniques in the Assessment of Interference to the Transmission of Mental Impulses and the Correction of the Vertebral Subluxation that Caused that Interference – MICHAEL T. BURCON, B.Ph., D.C.


Mental Impulse from a Quantum Perspective – BRIAN FLANNERY, D.C., LCP, DPhCS


Test Re-Test Reliability of sEMG Paraspinal Scans: A Comparative Study – HAZEL FAULKNER, D.C., MSc


  1. D. Palmer’s Evolution of Chiropractic Revisiting His Model of the Mental Impulse – KAREN HAYHURST, ACP, R.M.


The Science and Philosophy of the Mental Impulse, A Historical Perspective – FARREL GROSSMAN, D.C.


The Mental Impulse – JOE SRAUSS, D.C.


The Fundamental Interconnectedness of the Philosophy and Science of Chiropractic – KELLY HOLT, D.C.


Changes in Physical State and Self-Perceptions in Domains of Health Related Quality of Life Among Public Safety Personnel Undergoing Chiropractic Care – RALPH BOONE, PhD, D.C.


The Role of the Mental Impulse in the Chiropractic Vertebral Suxluxation: A Philosophical Dissection – JACK VANDERVORT, D.C., DPhCS


The Science and Philosophy of the Mental Impulse: Education about Chiropractic and Associated Problems Needing Solutions Bridging the Mindset Between Mechanistic and Metaphysical Thinking – DOUGLAS J. INKOL, D.C.


Assessing the Mental Impulse: Cortical Control of the Autonomic Light Reflex Pathway – LAFAYETTE BRIGGS, DC, M.T. (ASCP)


The Mental Impulse: A Review of Scientific Models – CHRISTOPHER KENT, D.C., J.D.


Who is the Real Curse? – BRETT L. CASANOVA, B.S., D.C., L.C.P.


“Neuralcentrism:” A New Term for an Old Concept—A proposal for the introduction and assimilation of this novel term into the chiropractic lexicon – JOHN J. COLLINS, D.C.

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