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Utilization of Videofluoroscopy to Demonstrate Kinematic Changes to the Spine Following Chiropractic Care

Casey N. D’Arcy, DC & Nathan Berner, DC

Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ February 2, 2015 ~ Pages 9-13



Objective: To evaluate changes in intersegmental motion of the spine following chiropractic care with the utilization of video fluoroscopic studies. 


Clinical Features: Four subjects were included in this study.  All patients presented to the chiropractic clinic seeking care for relief of symptoms.  The protocol used consisted of a combination of video fluoroscopy, plain film x-ray photographs, and infrared thermography scans.  Each of the four patients’ videofluoroscopy tapes were evaluated in order to identify the existence and location of vertebral locking within the spine.  Based upon the patient’s clinical presentation they were adjusted as indicated and underwent follow up videofluoroscopy analysis following chiropractic care.


Outcomes: All four subjects in the study had a significant degree of positive and measurable change with intersegmental motion following chiropractic intervention.  Three females and one male participated and each had immediate and positive reports on relief of symptoms.   Images were taken from the videos in maximal extension before and after chiropractic adjustment(s) were delivered to the segment(s) determined to have vertebral subluxation present.  On average, there were two adjustments to the segment(s) showing vertebral locking on the video fluoroscopy motion study and all demonstrated decreased vertebral locking on the post motion study.


Conclusion: With the utilization of video fluoroscopy the chiropractic profession is able to reliably demonstrate kinematic changes of the spine following chiropractic care. 


Keywords: Subluxation, Pierce Results System, Chiropractic, Videofluoroscopy

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