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Resolution of Recurrent Pseudoseizures in a 14-Year-Old Female Using Torque Release Technique: A Case Study

Chris Brown, D.C., CCSP Bio & Alexandra Swenson, D.C. Bio


Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ April 10, 2014 ~ Pages 49-54 



Objective: To report on a female patient who presented for chiropractic care with a two-month history of recurrent pseudoseizures.


Clinical Features: A 14 year-old female presented for chiropractic care with a history of 30-40 pseudoseizure events per month.


Intervention and Outcome: Over a period of five months, a specific, conservative chiropractic adjustment regimen for the correction of vertebral subluxation was administered to the patient. The care plan was modified in accordance with outcome assessment measures, and during this time period the patient experienced a dramatic decrease in symptoms and frequency of seizures. Static electromyography (EMG) and thermal scanning were performed using the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance (CLA) InsightTM surface EMG and thermal scanning technology. Improvements were noted on the static and thermal surface EMG’s over the course of the patient’s care. The patient remains under chiropractic care at the time of this report, and has been seizure free for seven months.


Conclusion: While under chiropractic care, the patient experienced a resolution of all seizure activity. This case indicates the potential for chiropractic care to provide a non-invasive, non-drug based management of children with epilepsy and seizure disorders. However, further studies and research need to be done in order to explain how chiropractic can positively benefit those suffering from seizure disorders.


Keywords:Chiropractic, subluxation, seizures, pseudoseizures, epilepsy, pediatrics, Torque Release Technique (TRT), surface electromyogrpahy,  thermography

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