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Improvement in Signs and Symptoms of ADHD, Migraines and Functional Outcomes While Receiving Subluxation Based Torque Release Chiropractic and Cranial Nerve Auriculotherapy


Nick Hodgson DC, B.App.Sc. & Michelle Fox DC


Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ November 6, 2014 ~ Pages 184-199




Objective:  To discuss the subjective and objective signs and symptoms of improvement in ADHD, migraine headaches and functional outcome measures through the application of Torque Release Technique® (TRT) adjustments for spinal subluxation and concurrent cranial nerve auriculotherapy (CNA).


Clinical Features:  A report of the case of a twenty one year old male with signs and symptoms of ADHD and migraine headaches.


Intervention and Outcomes: ‘Pre care’ and ‘post care’ assessment utilizing ADHD and Headache Symptom Regularity and Severity Questionnaires completed by patient, and functional outcome measures including Digital Postural Assessment, Spinal Range of Motion Analysis, Heart Rate Variability, and a rating system for the Torque Release Technique® (TRT) indicators of subluxation.  A course of chiropractic care was maintained over a period of 3 months, totaling 13 visits. TRT chiropractic adjustments were implemented where spinal subluxations were located and CNA was administered. Outcomes revealed a significant decrease in the regularity and severity of signs and symptoms of ADHD and migraine headaches proportionate to improvement in the functional outcome measures.


Conclusions:  This case study illustrates the positive response of a twenty one year old male to Torque Release Technique® chiropractic adjustments and concurrent cranial nerve auriculotherapy.


Key Words: ADHD, adjustment, auriculotherapy, chiropractic, Integrator®, migraines, subluxation, ROM, Stim Plus Pro, Torque Release Technique®.

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