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Improvement in Quality of Life of a 36 Year Old Female with Multiple Sclerosis Undergoing Subluxation Centered Chiropractic Care:  A Case Report

Michael Gibson, DC & Shaun Gallagher, DC


Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ December 11, 2014 ~ Pages 200-205



Objective: To report on the effects of the correction of vertebral subluxations in an adult female with multiple sclerosis.


Clinical Features: A thirty six year old female with multiple sclerosis showed functional and symptomatic improvement during the course of chiropractic care. Objective indicators of vertebral subluxation in this study included surface electromyography, thermographic scans, and spinal radiographs.


Interventions and Outcomes: Patient was given chiropractic adjustments by hand and with the Integrator™ adjusting instrument based on findings elicited with MC2 and Thompson technique analysis. These adjustments were given in the cervical, thoracic, and sacral regions and they were directed at reducing vertebral subluxations to improve brain-body communication.


Conclusions: The positive response observed during chiropractic care indicates that correction of vertebral subluxations may have an effect on multiple sclerosis. However, since this paper consists of a single case study, it is not possible to generalize the results to the entire population of those with multiple sclerosis. Additional research investigating the effects of vertebral subluxation correction on individuals with multiple sclerosis is warranted.


Keywords: Multiple sclerosis, chiropractic, neck pain, fatigue, numbness, low back pain, headaches, dizziness, vertebral subluxation, MC2, tonal

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