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Chiropractic Care of a Patient with Low Back Pain, Radiculopathy and Concomitant Depression: A Case Report    


Steven G. Geanopulos DC, DACNB & Jennifer Harris DC 

Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ April 20, 2015 ~ Pages 39-42 



Objective: To review the effectiveness of Diversified chiropractic adjustments on a 44 year old male patient with radicular low back pain complicated with depression.


Clinical Features: The patient is a 44 year old male with low back pain and accompanying radicular symptoms attributed to a fall 6 months prior to chiropractic care. He additionally suffered from unmanaged depression and congenital hemochromatosis.


Intervention and Outcome: The patient was treated 34 times over a 6 month duration with high velocity, low amplitude chiropractic adjustments combined with nutritional recommendations.  Following the first six weeks of treatment, all lumbar radiculopathy symptomatology was resolved. 


Conclusion:  The case of a 44 year old man with a previous history of low back pain with accompanied radiculopathy and depression is presented. Dramatic improvement in low back pain and radicular symptomatology is observed with conservative chiropractic care.


Key Terms: Chiropractic, subluxation, low back pain, depression, diversified technique


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