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Jacob Wilson, DC & Jessica Duncan, DC

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic ~ Volume 2017 ~ Issue 3 ~ Pages 141-146



Objective: To review the history, chiropractic management, and positive outcome of a 5-year-old female patient suffering from chronic constipation.

Clinical Features: Static and motion palpation revealed restricted movement in the cervical and lumbar spine along with widespread hypertonicity of the paraspinal muscles in the lumbar region. A prone leg check revealed a left short leg of ½ inch. Mild distention and tenderness were noted upon abdominal palpation. The patient presented with a clinical diagnosis of gastritis and constipation, although no organic cause of constipation was identified. The patient experienced little to no relief with a high fiber diet and laxative use as directed by her medical doctor.

Interventions and Outcomes: 
Chiropractic care was initiated at the first visit using the Diversified technique. The patient was instructed to return for care two times a week for two weeks, followed by one time week for 10 weeks. The patient’s progress was monitored using leg length checks, pattern analysis of subluxations, observational reports from the patient’s mother, and verbal accounts from the patient. At visit number 12, the patient was no longer complaining of abdominal pain, and the patient’s mother reported an improvement in the patient’s demeanor in addition to her reports of the patient’s normal bowel function.

Conclusion: The positive outcome of a patient with pediatric constipation undergoing chiropractic care as described in this case study suggests that more research is warranted in this subject area.

Key Words: Chiropractic, vertebral subluxation, adjustment, constipation, chronic constipation, pediatric, Diversified Technique

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