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Objective: The purpose of this case study is to report the effects of subluxation-based chiropractic care on a 20-year-old male with seizures, neck and low back pain.

Clinical Features: A 20-year-old male presents with seizures of unknown origin, who was hospitalized three times over the course of one year. Patient also presented with severe neck and low back pain.

Intervention and Outcome: After case history and physical examination, subluxation-based chiropractic care was initiated. High velocity, low amplitude adjustments were performed using Diversified Technique. One week after initiation of care, seizure activity ceased. Chiropractic care continued and patient was taken off all seizure medications at 13 weeks by his neurologist.

Conclusion: The findings presented in this case study suggest that subluxation-based chiropractic adjustments may benefit patients who suffer from seizure disorders. This case demonstrates the need for further research to examine how various chiropractic techniques may provide this benefit.

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