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Shira Michaeli, B (Chiro), PgDip HSc, David Russell, BSc (Psych), BSc (Chiro) & Joel Alcantara, BS, DC

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic ~ Volume 2017 ~ Issue 1 ~ Pages 24-31



Objective: To describe the care of a patient with spinal subluxations and cranial dysfunctions along with possible conversion disorder.

Clinical Features:
 The patient was a 16-yr-old female presenting for chiropractic care with complaints of neck and upper shoulder pain due to trauma. The patient had a history of fatigue, dizziness and headaches and was medically diagnosed with clinical depression and prescribed Citalopram. Medical examination augmented with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) did not reveal an organic etiology and she was referred for psychiatric evaluation, which the patient did not attend. 

Intervention and Outcome: The patient received chiropractic care characterized as Toggle Recoil and Diversified Technique, and on occasion, Biogeometric Integration (BGI). Following the first visit, there was a reported 50% increase in muscle strength in her arms. By her 4th visit, the patient reported normal use of her left arm but continued neck pain and stiffness.  By the 6th visit, the patient had full and pain free ROM of the cervical spine with the exception of active right rotation and lateral flexion. The patient was released from care due to resolution of symptoms following 12 visits over a course of four weeks. The patient returned five months later with similar complaints following an injury to the cervical spine. The patient was cared for similarly with successful outcomes.

Conclusion: This case report provides supporting evidence that patients with physical complaints without, seemingly, an organic etiology may benefit from chiropractic care. We support further research in this field.

Key words:
Chiropractic, conversion disorder, cranial dysfunction, vertebral subluxation, adjustment, pediatric, neck pain, shoulder pain

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