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Lawrence Callaway, DC & Suzanne L. Ray, BA, MS




Objective: The chiropractic care of an infant with Type 2 Gaucher disease is described with the purpose of reviewing the effectiveness of chiropractic care on aberrant somatic activity in the neuronopathic form of Gaucher disease. 

Clinical features: The patient is an 8-month-old male infant who has torticollis, esotropia, hypertonia of the paraspinal musculature, hypotonia of the limbs, limited range of motion and Failure to Thrive.

Intervention and Outcomes: 
The patient received chiropractic adjustments utilizing an Activator Instrument to the first cervical vertebra, first thoracic vertebra, and the sacrum. After 17 visits over 10 weeks of care, improvement in torticollis and hypertonia were noted as well as increased range of motion, facial expressions, and eye control. 

Keywords: Chiropractic; Subluxation; Adjustment; Type 2 Gaucher Disease; Neuronopathic Gaucher; Pediatric Torticollis

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