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Rod Floyd D.C., MSPH 

Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ October 3, 2013 ~ Pages 66-72



Purpose: To determine through retrospective patient file audits if patients received advice on health promotion, wellness or prevention based on risk indicators in one chiropractic teaching clinic.

Methods: One hundred patient files were randomly selected by chiropractic teaching assistants (CTAs). Personal history, family history, and red flags related to diseases that could be helped through health promotion interventions were extracted from the files.

Results: Health promotion advice on at least one occasion was noted in the patient chart of 91% of the sample. Of those either overweight or obese, 73% received advice on diet and nutrition; 80% received advice related to physical activity, but only 8% received advice on healthy weight management.

Conclusion: As standards and best practices are developed in the chiropractic profession regarding health promotion, it will become imperative that chiropractic institutions better assess patients’ health goals through proper tracking of patients and training for faculty clinicians and interns.

Keywords: Cardiovascular System; Chiropractic; Health Promotion; Obesity, Posture, Subluxation

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