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Scott Torns DC    

Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research ~ Issue 2 ~ April 24, 2012 ~ Pages 40-45



Objective:  To investigate the effect of the Atlas Orthogonal (AO) upper cervical adjustment on arterial blood pressure (ABP).

Methods:  Forty-two patients in a private chiropractic practice met and participated in the study.  Upon radiological examination, coordinate values were recorded per AO Technique.  Pre and post adjustment ABP measurements were recorded for the following groups:  Hypotensive, Normotensive, Pre-Hypertensive, Stage One Hypertensive, and Stage Two Hypertensive.  Atlas was adjusted utilizing the AO technique.  No adverse events were recorded.

Results:  Pre-Hypertensive, Stage One Hypertensive, and Stage Two Hypertensive groups had a statistically significant decrease in ABP.  There was an increase in ABP in the Hypotensive group.

Conclusion:  These findings suggest realignment of the atlas does not simply lower ABP but may also be part of a systemic homeostatic mechanism not yet completely understood.  The same adjustment that decreased hypertensive ABP measurements also increased hypotensive ABP measurements to more normal levels.  Exploration into the potential cause of these observed effects is also discussed.

Keywords:Atlas, upper cervical, hypertension, blood pressure, chiropractic, antihypertensive therapy

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