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John Taylor Thornhill DC Bio 

Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research ~ October 27, 2011 ~ Pages 60-65


Objective: To report on the reduction of symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis and musculoskeletal pain in a female undergoing chiropractic care utilizing Thompson Terminal Point and Toggle Recoil techniques.

Clinical Features: A 28 year old female presented with severe neck and back pain following cervical spine trauma.  She had a prior diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.  Objective indicators of vertebral subluxation were identified utilizing Thompson Terminal Point analysis and Grostic leg length analysis.

Interventions and Outcomes: Upper cervical specific Toggle Recoil technique was utilized to reduce vertebral subluxations because of the patient’s sensitivity to touch.  The patient reported improved sleep following the first adjustment.  Improvements were noted in musculoskeletal symptoms within five visits.  The patient also showed  significant improvements in outcome assessment scores utilizing the Neck Disability Index, the Quadruple Visual Analog Scale, and the Headache Disability Index.

Conclusion: The improvement of symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis and corresponding neck and back pain following short-term upper cervical chiropractic care is presented. Along with previously published work this report intends to establish an association between the correction of upper cervical subluxation and reduction in symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis.

Key Words: Multiple Sclerosis, Upper Cervical, Chiropractic, Musculoskeletal pain, adjustment, Thompson Technique, analysis, neck trauma ,vertebral  subluxation

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