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Drew Rubin, DC, DACCP

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic ~ December 29, 2010 ~ Pages 269-270


Although many give credit to D.D. Palmer for creating the first chiropractic textbook, the earliest text was a two-volume edition called Modernized Chiropractic by Langworthy, Paxson and Smith, published in 1907. They mentioned the importance of pediatric chiropractic by stating, “initial subluxations, be they ever so slight, are of the utmost importance. Many a child at play sustains them and when they are allowed to remain uncorrected, they act later in life as veritable breeders of disease.”1 Hence, the idea of a separate branch of chiropractic for pediatric patients has been promoted since the profession’s infancy. In this study, the current status of pediatric chiropractic education across the globe was evaluated.

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