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Pamela A. Stone-McCoy BS, DC, CACCP Bio Kim Muhlenkamp BS, DC. Bio

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic ~ Volume 2009 ~ Issue 3 ~ Pages 1-6 – September 28, 2009



Objective: To review the effectiveness of chiropractic care in the case of a 20 year old female presenting with Tourette Syndrome (TS) symptoms, headaches and vertebral subluxations.

Clinical Features: A 20 year old female began experiencing motor and vocal tics at the age of three. She has never taken medication for TS, but has tried to control it by taking magnesium and calcium supplements.

Interventions and Outcomes: Chiropractic care was administered after initial exam revealed disturbances to the nervous system resulting from vertebral subluxation. Subluxations were diagnosed based on findings from posture, static and motion palpation, thermography and static surface electromyography. The patient was seen 32 times over the course of one year. The patient experienced significant decreases in the occurrence and severity of her motor and vocal tic episodes as well as an improvement in headaches.

Conclusion: With consistent chiropractic care directed at reducing vertebral subluxation, the patient was able to better function throughout the day with decreased motor and vocal tic episodes. Further research on chiropractic, subluxation and neurodevelopmental disorders is needed.

Key Words: Tourette Syndrome, Chiropractic, adjustment, motor tics, vocal tics, spinal manipulation, vertebral subluxation, thermography, surface electromyography

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