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CHAPTER 10: Chemical Stress



Chapter 10 Preview:

Chemical stressors  seem to  be  everywhere these days and  there is hardly a person who  is not  familiar  with some tragic tale  of a town  besieged by chemical dumping  or  the  media and  entertainment industry’s use  of such tragedies to influence the masses. There is growing scientific evidence coupled with a greater understanding  of  the  positive and  negative impact that internal (mother’s physiology) and  external (mother’s environment) chemical stresses have  on the  developing fetus.

A multitude of  chemical factors  including dietary habits, how  foods are  grown,  stored, and  prepared, medications, nutritional supplements, home and  work-place environment, air quality, exposure to electromagnetic fields, cleaning products utilized in the  home and workplace, pesticides, exposure to  chemicals used in manufacturing, rugs  and  furniture, exposure to body hygiene products, shampoo, perfume, hair  and  nail treatments, perchloroethylene found in aerosol formulations, solvent soaps, printing inks,  adhesives, sealants, polishes, lubricants, silicones, typewriter correction fluid, and shoe polish.

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