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Nathan Berner, DC

Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research ~ Volume 2021 ~ Pages 35-42



Objective: The objective of this case study is to present the chiropractic case management and improvement of a patient with diagnosed essential tremors and an upper cervical subluxation.

Clinical Features: A 58-year-old female presented to a private practice with a 40-year history of diagnosed essential tremors without relief. She additionally suffered from headaches, mid and low back pain, hip pain, sciatic pain, brain fog, difficulty concentrating and challenges with self-motivation.

Intervention and Outcomes: The patient was assessed for vertebral subluxation utilizing the Orthospinology analysis including a supine leg length check, hip calipers, cervical scanning palpation, and x-rays. Upon examination, a cervical vertebral subluxation complex was found. The patient was seen 12 times over 4 months of care and received 4 Orthospinology atlas adjustments. On post-adjustment X-rays, the atlas misalignment was reduced by all factors, and the patient’s symptoms improved dramatically.

Conclusions: This case study demonstrated the upper cervical chiropractic management of a patient diagnosed with essential tremors. The patient found immediate relief of symptomatology and extended improvement in quality of life. This case highlights the need for more research on the link between upper cervical subluxation and essential tremors.

Key Words: Chiropractic, vertebral subluxation, essential tremor, orthospinology, adjustment

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