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Joshua Grey D.C. & Rachae Bell D.C., D.C.C.J.P

Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ Volume 2021 ~ December 13 ~ Pages 47-50.


Objective: To discuss the positive health outcomes following chiropractic in a 47-year-old female patient seeking care for sciatic symptoms.

Clinical Features: The patient presented with a 23 year history of low back pain and sciatica for chiropractic care. Examination revealed upper cervical subluxation.

Intervention & Outcomes: The patient was adjusted with the Blair Upper Cervical Technique and Thompson Technique. Over the course of eight weeks she had fourteen visits and reported marked improvement during and at the re-evaluation at the end of the care plan.

Conclusion: The patient reported on in this study experienced improvement in her back pain, sciatic and quality of life following chiropractic care. Additional research is necessary to determine the role of specific upper cervical care and full-spine adjustments and their relationship to the improvements of low back pain and sciatic symptoms.

Key Words: Blair Upper Cervical, cervical spine, chiropractic, full-spine, low back pain, sciatica, subluxation, Thompson Technique, upper cervical  


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