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Peter Fox D.C.

Journal of Philosophy, Principles, & Practice of Chiropractic ~ June 29, 2020 ~ Pages 24-36



The human central nervous system (CNS) functions to monitor internal and external energy and information flows and interpret their meaning relative to personal resource states for the purpose of successful adaptation. Chiropractic has always been a profession focused on the body’s ability to self-regulate and adapt through an optimally functioning CNS. The field of Ecology has focused on the flows of energy and information through natural systems and how life expresses itself as a result of orienting towards those flows. Since the origins of chiropractic in 1895, the field of ecology has made a great many advancements. Currently there is an interest in expanding the field of ecology into the study of systems developed by humans and how they interact with non-human developed ecosystems. In turn the field of Public Health is interested in the ways human designed ecosystems can influence population health.

The original chiropractic principles were developed through observation of natural laws at a time when the science of ecology was in its infancy, and the founder of the profession, in his last – posthumously – published book, first discussed the principles of a science known then as bionomics. This would become ecology over time. An exploration of the foundational concepts and principles of chiropractic through the lens of modern ecological principles is long overdue. This paper explores some principles of ecology, thermodynamics, and other fields as they relate to the basic premises of chiropractic, its practice, and their intersection with personal and public health.

 Key Words: chiropractic, ecology, public health, thermodynamics, ecosystem, vertebral subluxation

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