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Ronald W. Pero, Ph.D

Journal of Philosophy, Principles, & Practice of Chiropractic ~ June 18, 2020 ~ Pages 18-23



This is looking at life at the chemical level. There are, basically, three main events that organize information. Duplication, transcription, of that information that’s present in the DNA molecule, and then translation of that material into protein which carries out the metabolic functions in the cell. The crucial event is in duplication. That is really genetic toxicology. If the cell can’t do that, it’s the end. It can live with a lot of abnormalities in translation and transcription, it can’t live with abnormalities in the DNA duplication. So that is what Harry Truman says, “The buck stops here”. The responsibility stops here. That’s it. The DNA molecule.  You can’t go back any further. That’s what I’m offering you as a basic from which to look at the scientific basis of chiropractic. That’s chemically speaking.  Now this is kinetically speaking.  What happens is this is just taking the human cells, the cell division cycle, it’s usually about 8 hours, and this is what happens, these are different phases.  We can recognize the phases in the cell very nicely. “M’ is the mitosis, when the cell actually divides and the chromatin is very condensed.”Gl” is when the cell is preparing to replicate its DNA, “S” is when the replication actually takes place. “G2” is it begins to condense, and “Ml”, it actually comes apart. The events themselves are very nicely seen and very important in the duplication of cell information

Keywords: chiropractic, subluxation, adjustment, manipulation, oncogenes, genotoxicity, stress, immunity, cancer, mutageneis, neuropathophysiology

Publication Note: This paper is a reprint of the transcript from a lecture given by Ronald W. Pero Ph.D circa 1980.

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