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BJ Palmer D.C., Ph.C 

Journal of Philosophy, Principles & Practice of Chiropractic – Dialogues ~ May 19, 2020.

Special Publication of Historical Document



From the Original:

Advance Information to Readers of This Issue of this Publication:

Let it be understood, at the beginning, that I do not TAKE life seriously. I let physicians make a business of doing that. 

There is no more valuable possession than good sense and good health, ease of mind and muscle, and using both to their utmost that we might LIVE rather than exist.

I respect the seriousness of dis-ease and death; I know the loss of a dear one. And, I know what it might mean to read something which appears to make light of that which let them pass beyond.

Let it be clearly understood, I do not make light of the doctor, dis-ease or death, but of the efforts of AN ORGANIZATION of doctors to MANUFACTURE “colds” and “grippe” into AN EPIDEMIC OF “FLU” by advertising broadest FEAR. It is that which I hold lightly and blame highly for the high death rate lately over The United States.

With this preliminary statement, I feel certain you will read what now follows with a better understanding and appreciation.

B.J. (Himself)

Key Words: Chiropractic, 1918 flu pandemic, pandemic, immunity, vertebral subluxation, adjustment

Original reference: Palmer BJ. 1918 Flu Pandemic. Fountain Head News. Volume 8, Number 17-19. January 18, 1919.

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