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Hypothesis: Concussion & Subluxation Are Risk Factors for Serious Vaccination Reaction

Charles S. Masarsky, D.C. & Marion Todres-Masarsky, D.C.

Journal of Philosophy, Principles & Practice of Chiropractic ~ December 28, 2017 ~ Pages 31-33


Introduction: The scientific community has not yet adequately defined subpopulations of patients who may be susceptible to serious adverse vaccination reactions. We hypothesize that concussion and subluxation are risk factors for such serious reactions.

Discussion: The plausibility of this hypothesis rests on the significant overlap in the clinical presentation of the concussion patient and the victim of serious adverse vaccination reactions. By way of example, we explore the similarity of hypersomnia in concussion and adverse vaccination reactions, with particular focus on the possible role of hypothalamic autoimmunity in both conditions. Reasons are discussed for a combined research approach for testing this hypothesis, including statistical and descriptive techniques. Should this hypothesis be supported by future studies, practical clinical implications would include delaying vaccination for concussion victims. The importance of the chiropractic adjustment in accelerating recovery from the concussion-subluxation complex is also considered.

Key Words: Concussion, mild traumatic brain injury, adverse vaccination reactions, chiropractic adjustment, subluxation, hypersomnia

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