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Case Study Research Program – ICPA 


As you are aware our profession is in the middle of a battle centered on cultural authority relative to chiropractic and health – in fact we have negative brand equity in the marketplace. I grew up around chiropractic and have spent an additional 20 years in the trenches of nearly every aspect of chiropractic including clinical practice, academics, research, politics and policy. Based on this background and experience I believe the single most important thing our profession needs to do in order to gain cultural authority is conducting research. The second most important thing is to get that research into the marketplace and media.  

Doing research is not just for the ivory tower researcher, but in fact research can be conducted by practitioners on the front lines right in their offices. Further, who better to conduct this research than the chiropractor applying the philosophy and art of chiropractic and witnessing the miracles that result first-hand.

Growing up in chiropractic I have had the opportunity to hear countless stories about the miracles of chiropractic from “old timers” and I love to hear these stories. They inspire me, teach me about the wide ranging benefits of chiropractic and make me feel privileged to be a part of the lore of chiropractic. Unfortunately, the reality is that in the research and health policy world these stories are called anecdotes and are not considered any more authoritative than an old wives tale.

Worse still is that as the old guard in our profession passes on, and even after you pass on, these stories of the miracles of chiropractic pass along as well. So, while they are a wonderful source of spizzerinctum for us – they don’t do anyone any good beyond that.

What I propose is the recruiting and training of a new breed of war horses in chiropractic who can take the miracles occurring in their offices on a daily basis and convert them into a publishable research paper in the form of a Case Study Report.

To that end I have put together a program whereby any chiropractor willing to spend a little time can write up a case study and submit it for publication to a peer reviewed research journal. I have been teaching chiropractors how to write case studies for over a decade and have it down to a science.

This course applies towards Part Two of the ICPA’s Diplomate Program and accounts for 48 hours of the required 180 hours. The course content is broken up into 5 Modules totaling 12 hours of instruction. The remainder of the hours are completed by actually writing your case study and are awarded upon completion of it.

You do not have to be enrolled in the Diplomate program to take this course but can take it on your own either for the educational credits and/or to complete a case study.  

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So get started today – take one of your miracle cases and transform it from a “patient testimonial” into a well respected, research report that you can then use to educate the public about the benefits of chiropractic care. This will help advance the profession, help educate more people about chiropractic and help you become an authoritative source on chiropractic.

First Steps…

Register for the course by Clicking Here. Choose the level of support you desire.

Send an email to once you have registered and paid for the course letting us know this is completed.

We will send you all the course materials and related links – so keep an eye out for those. As your Lead Instructor, please do not hesitate to let me know if there are any questions along the way.


Matthew McCoy DC, MPH

Editor – Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic

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